A Word from the President - December 2020
Written by Rebecca Locke, ACGA President   

As we approach the holiday season and end of 2020, traditionally we find ourselves looking back on the past year. We usually highlight some things of which we’re especially proud, and maybe note some things that didn’t quite get done. However, 2020 has been anything other than normal and deserves a special look. This baffling, challenging, unexpected and often heart-breaking year was filled with losses that we will contend with for a long time to come as well as new opportunities and experiences that we will use going forward. That’s certainly been true for the ACGA, and we are grateful to you for walking through this year with us.

Early in March, it became clear that we would not be able to hold our long planned for biennial Conference in Atlanta as expected. With much help from our management group, Jack Friday, and especially Alicia Gilbert, it’s CEO, we moved to a completely virtual platform. Our attendees, Conference sponsors, exhibitors, Conference Chairs, Conference leadership, Board, and presenters responded with exactly the kind of grace and resilience that I’ve come to expect from this great profession. The Conference was a resounding success and we were able to accomplish this core part of our mission despite the pandemic which was surging at the time of the Conference.

It also became apparent that our Board would need to join much of the rest of the U.S. and conduct all its business virtually. Work that might have been conducted in person at Board meetings or with our colleagues in state government offices all shifted to Zoom or a similar platform. Without a hiccup, we conducted the work of the Rates and Regulations Committee, started Conference planning for 2022, and continued the work of our strategic planning process which is in year three.

We also undertook the revision of our branding, a new website, and a style guide. Having a clear, easily navigated, and modern website is a piece of our strategic planning process and we’re so delighted with what you now see on our website. Many thanks to The Stelter Company, and especially Nathan Stelter and Zach Christiansen, for the in-kind labor of love that helped us create what you see on our webpage today. We invite you to look around our website and share with us your feedback on how it works for you.

One of the other areas of work has been strengthening the benefits available to you as an ACGA member. If you haven’t looked at those recently, you may want to do so. Your membership ensures that you have access to many resources on a charitable gift annuity program including discounts. One of our newest discounts is to the publication, Planned Giving Today. Planned Giving Today is known for its great content from leading voices in the gift planning field. Your discount as an ACGA member is for online-only or online and print, and you’ll have access to past issues online. It’s a great benefit to a publication that many consider to be required reading for our profession. To get more information, go to https://acga-web.org/discounts.

As always, thank you for being part of the ACGA family. Please let your colleagues know if you find our work valuable so that they can join us as well.

Happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

Last Updated on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 02:32 PM