Get An Early Preview of the 2021 Survey on Charitable Gift Annuities
Written by ACGA Research Committee   

The ACGA is releasing an early PDF version of the 2021 Survey on Charitable Gift Annuities to help you and your organization prepare your answers prior to your online survey submission. We hope you will take part in the most significant multi-year study on charitable gift annuities.

ACGA will officially release its nationwide survey of charitable gift annuity programs on April 2. The results of this series of surveys, conducted last in 2017, have helped thousands of charities build, evaluate, and strengthen their gift annuity programs. The full survey report will be published on the ACGA website and sent to all ACGA members in April 2022.

Your participation is invaluable. While it will take time for you to complete the survey, we think you will find that the results are worth the effort. You can access a PDF copy of the survey here.



Last Updated on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 03:14 PM