A Word from the President-elect - June 2021
Written by Joseph O. Bull, J.D., ACGA President-elect   

BullThank you, Rebecca!

There is a fine line between writing a congratulatory message about someone and writing their obituary. This message is most assuredly the former!

Rebecca Locke is stepping down as the ACGA President on June 30 after four years of dedicated and effective service. Her original term was scheduled to end in 2019, but her successor made the courageous decision to step aside in order to manage a significant family medical crisis. Rebecca graciously accepted the ACGA Board’s request to remain in her role for one more year.

Then COVID-19 entered all our lives. Once again, the ACGA Board turned to Rebecca, knowing that her steady hand would be critical in ACGA’s navigation of the pandemic. Now, she will finally get the rest she was anticipating two years ago.

In addition to our heartfelt thanks and gratitude, it is important to recognize some important ACGA milestones that were reached during Rebecca’s tenure:

  • Conversion of the 2020 Conference from in-person to virtual in less than 30 days.
  • Launched an in-depth strategic planning process, something which the ACGA had not attempted in nearly three decades.
  • Initiated implementation of the strategic plan’s recommendations.
  • Unveiled a new visual identity and logo, thanks to our friends at The Stelter Company.
  • Worked closely with the NY Department of Financial Services to address changes in NY gift annuity laws and regulations.

Fortunately for the ACGA, Rebecca will remain on the Board and will fill a relatively new position on the Executive Committee, Immediate Past President in addition to filling the unexpired term of our VP, Governance. Rebecca remains committed to helping the ACGA move forward and we can't thank her enough for her tireless efforts.

Only a few people know that Rebecca is a scuba diver in her spare time. She has earned the return of a bunch of spare time and can begin again to explore beneath the surface.

Rebecca, the ACGA will forever be in your debt.

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