Why Become a Member of the ACGA
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As we enter a new normal, most likely with limited resources, the decision to join a professional organization may require more justification than before. If your organization offers gift annuities, the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) is essential. We are the leading resource on charitable gift annuity information, from how to start a program, how to best market these vehicles, and how to navigate the maze of changing state regulations.

ACGA membership includes:

  1. Focused education – We offer ongoing, cutting-edge educational opportunities and resources to maximize the success of your program. You will benefit from a series of six webinars per year drawing on the ACGA’s expertise with gift annuities. Topics include the how’s and why’s of gift annuity rates; specific gift annuity marketing issues; how to work with donors on these vehicles; administration; investing gift annuity fund assets; and state regulation matters, which have been recently highlighted by New York state creating its own set of rates. We also have a highly regarded biennial conference that digs deeper into gift annuities, as well as providing well-rounded coverage of other planned gifts and other timely philanthropic topics. And, we have an informative quarterly newsletter with further coverage of topics available to members.
  2. Rates expertise - The ACGA is the organization that sets the maximum suggested gift annuity rates. Our knowledge enables us to develop rates that protect both charities and donors, taking account of changes in both the economy and the stock market. We have close ties to state regulators and experience in advocating for legislation that promotes philanthropy. Our members get more than just the new rates, but our analysis of why they have been changed and support on issues with your state’s regulators.
  3. Research to help your organization – We research charitable gift annuities and non-profits that issue them to provide comprehensive data analysis and best practices. This in turn helps charities make informed decisions to promote good gifts for both the non-profit and its donors. Every 4years we introduce the results of our gift annuity survey, which presents key trends and industry practices.

Membership in the ACGA is cost-effective. Our membership is based on an organization, not individuals, so there is one fee per organization. To join, click here.

Last Updated on Sunday, November 28, 2021 10:35 AM