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Rates Update - Breaking News

The full paper on the new ACGA rates is now available in electronic format free of charge to ACGA members. The report can be found on our website here.  If you missed the webinar on 6/14/18, ACGA members can login and view the webinar presentation on our website here.

How to Join or Support the ACGA

The ACGA relies on the support of the charitable community and indivuals to carry out our mission of promoting responsibile philanthropy.  The ACGA actively promotes responsible philanthropy through actuarially sound, suggested maximum charitable gift annuity rates, quality training opportunities and the advocacy of appropriate consumer protection. 

Ways you can support ACGA:

Current IRS Discount Rates

Month Rate
June 2018 3.4%
May 2018 3.2%
April 2018 3.2%

The IRS has released the Applicable Federal Rate for the current month. Each month the Service surveys hundreds of interest rates for various financial instruments and publishes the rate that is applicable for charitable deduction calculations. Click here to view historic AFRs.

A Word from the Chair - August 2017

Valentine LWhile we may be at the closing of summer, the ACGA Board has not been “vacationing,” but has been hard at work in many of its signature areas of service to the charitable community and its donors.

Key among those activities is the Research Committee’s hard work on the 2017 Survey of Charitable Gift Annuities.  Their work began over a year ago as they designed the survey and worked to get a good response sample. The responses received from 409 charitable organizations have been analyzed and the first draft of the report was sent out to the committee for review in early July. The final report will be presented at the 2018 ACGA Conference next April. Research Committee Chair Kristen Schultz Jaarda’s article in this newsletter provides more details about this important work of the ACGA board.

One of the most valuable resources on the ACGA website is the State Regulations section.  Charities issuing gift annuities in multiple states can access information about the registration and reporting requirements for each state and learn who to contact in each state. Research Committee Chair Edie Matulka’s article reports on the work the committee has done to assure the information in that section stays current.

The Membership Committee worked tirelessly earlier in the year on a direct mail campaign for membership renewals and invitations to prospects and lapsed members.  The mailing went out in May and the response to date has been good.  If you have not yet renewed your organization’s membership or joined, I encourage you to do so.

And, last, but certainly not least, is the work of our Conference Committee.  The 2018 ACGA Conference---April 25-27, 2018 in Seattle, Washington---will once again provide a quality educational opportunity.  The Conference Committee has been at work enlisting top experts in the field to present sessions on all aspects of charitable gift planning from fundamentals to advanced planned giving, as well as financial, investment and administrative issues. Mark your calendars and register early for this premier training event.

Laurie W. Valentine
ACGA Lead Co-Chair