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Rates Update - Breaking News

The full paper on the new ACGA rates is now available in electronic format free of charge to ACGA members. The report can be found on our website here.  If you missed the webinar on 6/14/18, ACGA members can login and view the webinar presentation on our website here.

How to Join or Support the ACGA

The ACGA relies on the support of the charitable community and indivuals to carry out our mission of promoting responsibile philanthropy.  The ACGA actively promotes responsible philanthropy through actuarially sound, suggested maximum charitable gift annuity rates, quality training opportunities and the advocacy of appropriate consumer protection. 

Ways you can support ACGA:

Current IRS Discount Rates

Month Rate
June 2018 3.4%
May 2018 3.2%
April 2018 3.2%

The IRS has released the Applicable Federal Rate for the current month. Each month the Service surveys hundreds of interest rates for various financial instruments and publishes the rate that is applicable for charitable deduction calculations. Click here to view historic AFRs.

ACGA Membership Reminder

Strengthen your charitable mission! Your partnership is vital to ACGA’s ability to provide:

  • Sound Suggested Charitable Gift Annuity rates. ACGA’s suggested gift annuity rates are the industry standard which adds credibility to your donor relationships and your organization’s gift annuity program. Simply, without it you lose third party validation with administrators, donors, families, professional advisors and prospects.
  • Quality training opportunities. ACGA has consistently brought top experts in the field of charitable giving to train and mentor our members and all who want to attend our renowned planned giving conference- the longest running conference in the planned giving profession.
  • Appropriate consumer protection. ACGA monitors and responds to state gift annuity regulation issues that arise from time to time. Membership in ACGA gives each organization that issues Charitable Gift Annuities an opportunity to have impact on the regulatory process in their state.

For those who value the work of this pillar in the philanthropic community and wish to promote responsible philanthropy, please renew your ACGA membership for 2017-2018 if you have not done so already and begin receiving the discounts and added benefits of being a member.  Your $200 membership covers from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.  This membership will provide many benefits including a discount to the 2018 ACGA Conference in Seattle to be held April 25th – 27th.!  To view a full list of ACGA member benefits, click here.

If you have already renewed your membership, we thank you for your continued support and reaffirming our important work. Take advantage of all that the ACGA has to offer.

If you are joining for the first time or need to renew your membership please click here. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle.