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How to Join or Support the ACGA

The ACGA relies on the support of the charitable community and indivuals to carry out our mission of promoting responsibile philanthropy.  The ACGA actively promotes responsible philanthropy through actuarially sound, suggested maximum charitable gift annuity rates, quality training opportunities and the advocacy of appropriate consumer protection. 

Ways you can support ACGA:

Current IRS Discount Rates

Month Rate
December 2018 3.6%
November 2018 3.6%
October 2018 3.4%

The IRS has released the Applicable Federal Rate for the current month. Each month the Service surveys hundreds of interest rates for various financial instruments and publishes the rate that is applicable for charitable deduction calculations. Click here to view historic AFRs.

Significant Change in Wisconsin’s Gift Annuity Regulation

WisconsinLegislation that became effective April 18, 2014 (2013 Wisconsin Act 271) eliminates the need for registration with, and annual reporting to, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI).  In order to issue gift annuities in the state, a charity needs to have been in existence for 3 years and include specific disclosure language in the agreement, but no longer needs to file anything with the OCI.

A charity that had existing Wisconsin annuities when the new law went into effect is required to send notification of the regulatory change to those donors/annuitants. For more information, click here