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A Word from the Chair - May 2017

Valentine LAt the close of the April 24, 2017 ACGA board meeting I stepped into some big shoes as I took off my Supporting Co-Chair hat and put on the Lead Co-Chair hat following Lindsay Lapole’s nine years of outstanding service as Chairman/Lead Co-Chair of the ACGA board. And while he has rotated off the leadership team, I am thankful Lindsay is continuing on as a member of the ACGA board.

The ACGA board adopted the Lead Co-Chair / Supporting Co-Chair governance structure in April 2015 to make the leadership of our volunteer board-led organization more manageable through the allocation of most of the “board chair” responsibilities between the two Co-Chairs, with the exception of a few that are handled jointly.  The new governance structure was implemented in November 2015 with the election of Lindsay to a final one-and-a-half-year term as Lead Co-Chair and me to a two-and-a-half-year term, the first year and of half as Supporting Co-Chair and the remaining year as Lead Co-Chair.

During the April 2017 board meeting, held at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel, the location of next year’s conference, we approved Atlanta as the location for our 2020 conference and received reports on the valuable work of all of our committees.

We also elected a new Supporting Co-Chair, Rebecca Locke.  Rebecca has served on the ACGA board since January 2003.  During her time on the ACGA board she has served on most of our committees, several special task forces, chaired the Membership Committee, and, most recently, has served as Vice Chair-Business.  Rebecca’s strong leadership skills and gracious leadership style make her the perfect choice to serve in this new role.

To fill the vacancy in the Vice Chair-Business position created by Rebecca’s election as Supporting Co-Chair, the ACGA board elected Dave Libengood as the new Vice Chair-Business.  Dave became a member of the ACGA board in November 2008.  He has served on many of our committees, including the Rates Committee, which he began chairing in 2012. Dave’s communication skills, best revealed in the excellent Rates Reports he has made at the last 2 conferences, as well as his cool, calm and reasoned leadership style, will serve him well in this new leadership position.

I am thankful for the hard work of all the members of the ACGA board and look forward to a great year as we continue our mission of promoting responsible philanthropy!

Laurie W. Valentine
ACGA Lead Co-Chair