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ACGA members have access to our white papers for more in depth information on gift annuities.

Managing the Financial Liability of a Charitable Gift Annuity Program

In furtherance of its mission to promote responsible philanthropy through actuarially sound suggested maximum charitable gift annuity rates, quality training opportunities, and consumer protection, the ACGA presents the white paper, Managing the Financial Liability of a Charitable Gift Annuity Program.  Authored at the request of the ACGA by Frank Minton, the paper is intended to serve as a resource for development and finance staff, as well as board members, and provide a basis for the discussion of best practices in managing the financial liability of charitable gift annuity programs. 

The ACGA hosted a free webinar led by Frank Minton with more in-depth information about the topics covered in the white paper on Tuesday, June 9, 2015.

ACGA members have access to the whitepaper and webinar video below.

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