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NOTE: While every effort is made to provide accurate data, neither any persons named in these pages nor the American Council on Gift Annuities guarantees the accuracy of the data presented here.  The user of this information is solely responsible for determining and verifying the accuracy of the data presented here and how it is used by the reader. This information is provided solely as a resource.  This information is supplied by the ACGA State Regulations Committee.


Degree of Regulation

Issuance of gift annuities is regulated under California Insurance Code Sections 11520-11524.

  • Years of operation – 10 years active operation
  • Gift annuity-specific registration – submit detailed application
  • Requires a separate trust agreement and shall be legally and physically segregated from other assets of the certificate holder.
  • Reserve fund/investment restrictions – segregated reserve fund required; investment restrictions
  • Board resolution – required
  • Annual and Quarterly reporting - required

Links to State Regulations Pages

Insurance Department Contact Information

Application and Amended Application to Issue Charitable Gift Annuities may now be accepted electronically and are supported by California Department of Insurance's

Please note that if you are submitting by mail, you must file two (2) copies of all the documents listed below and mail to the San Francisco office:

Department of Insurance (for Certificates of Authority)
Susan Stapp, Assistant General Counsel
Phone: (415) 538-4403
45 Fremont Street, 24th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

California Department of Insurance (for Annual Filings)
PO Box 1799
Sacramento, CA 95812-1799
Rosa Ruiz
Phone: (213) 346-6451

California Department of Insurance (for Quarterly Reports)
Financial Analysis Division Office: Grants & Annuities
300 South Spring Street, South Tower, 13th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (213) 346-6339