Exhibitor Showcase
Written by Alicia Gilbert   

Your organization’s exhibitor showcase opportunity includes 5 days of attendee engagement through the virtual platform. This is a great opportunity for brand awareness, thought leadership and lead generation.

Our virtual platform vendor will provide information on how to setup your booth and will be available to assist as needed. Pre-conference testing of your booth will be available to make sure you don’t run into any issues the days of the event.

Your booth includes customizable options. Interact with attendees in several ways including: Q&A, hosting videos, chatting with attendees, postings surveys, adding handouts, pop-up offers, and scheduling follow-up meetings using the platform’s Calendly integration. Information from your surveys and Q&A can be used to drive content in your booth in real-time.

After the conference, engagement analytics from the platform will be provided. Learn:

  • Who watched your videos and for how long
  • Who chatted with your representative
  • Who downloaded your handouts, and who clicked your pop-up offer or what questions they might have asked

You’ll be able to use this information for future engagement with booth visitors.

Our virtual exhibit booths are $1,500 and include one free registration. To allow sufficient time to customize your booth and test it prior to the conference, the deadline to sign up for the exhibitor showcase as an online exhibitor is March 4, 2022.

Click here to sign up today!

Last Updated on Thursday, February 10, 2022 02:53 PM