Mission, Vision, and History

Our Mission

The ACGA’s mission is to foster the success of charitable gift annuity programs at charities nationwide through the promulgation of suggested maximum gift annuity rates, education, research, monitoring state regulations, advocacy, and other activities that promote good gifts for nonprofits and their donors.

Our Vision

The ACGA is the premier resource for charitable gift annuity program success.

Our History

The ACGA, formerly the Committee on Gift Annuities, was formed in 1927 for the purpose of providing educational and other services to American charities regarding gift annuities and other forms of planned gifts.  The focus was “to study and recommend the proper range of rates, the forms of contracts, the amount and type of reserve funds and the nomenclature to be used, to ascertain and advise as to the legislation in the United States and the various states regarding [charitable gift] annuities, their taxability, etc.” to better assure the donor’s focus was on the charitable cause(s) to be supported by their gift, rather than the gift annuity payment rate being offered by charities competing for the gift. The first suggested gift annuity payout rates were adopted at the first Conference on Gift Annuities in April 1927.