New for Members in 2024: Certified Gift Annuity Issuer
Written by Alicia Gilbert   

New this year!!  The ACGA is pleased to offer members the Certified Gift Annuity Issuer to use in their own publications and materials. Please note, that the organization must follow the ACGA standards of conduct to display this seal. This new member benefit will be available starting July 1, 2024.

In exchange for the payment of your membership fees, the member organization will be authorized to display the ACGA yearly label with ACGA’s name and logo with the phrase ‘Certified Gift Annuity Issuer’ on the member’s website and in written materials, provided that you agree to abide by the ACGA standards of conduct (which can be found here: The ACGA yearly label will be available upon submission of the membership fees and will be dated as of the year the payment was submitted. To remain in good standing with the ACGA, and in order to maintain your ACGA yearly label, you must agree to continuously abide by the ACGA standards of conduct and maintain membership with the ACGA. Failure to abide by such standards or failure to pay the ACGA’s membership fee will result in the ACGA removal of its ACGA yearly label until compliance with the standards of conduct are met and/or until the membership fee is processed. 

Example of the seal (which will also include the year when published):


Last Updated on Thursday, July 11, 2024 03:00 PM