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Distinguished Record of Service

Since 1927, the ACGA has promoted responsible philanthropy across the United States, providing practical guidelines, safe practices, and ethical framework for non-profit organizations, professional development officers, and thoughtful donors. The primary focus has been on charitable gift annuities, a unique planning tool for the realization of personal, family, and charitable goals. The ACGA has worked to demystify the use of charitable gift annuities to the advantage of nonprofits and donors alike through the following activities:

  • ensuring sound financial assumptions as the basis for suggested maximum charitable gift annuity rates
  • disseminating best practices for nonprofits offering charitable gift annuities
  • promoting the Philanthropy Protection Act of 1995
  • educating thousands of professionals engaged in gift planning
  • promoting the Model Standards of Practice for the Charitable Gift Planner
  • gathering data and conducting research
  • bridging the gap between regulatory agencies and charities
  • monitoring legislation of importance to the nonprofit sector

Research, educational, and service activities of the ACGA have been underwritten by membership dues of participating organizations. The quality and integrity of the ACGA’s work has been utilized across the philanthropic and commercial industries. However, little or no funding is available for the expansion of services and influence.

Building an Endowment

The ACGA has recently committed to a capital campaign seeking $500,000 in endowment funds for purposes beyond the capacity of its operating budget. Numerous nonprofits fail to utilize the services of ACGA due to limited funds, lack of awareness and intimidating regulatory concerns, thus depriving themselves and their donors of a valuable philanthropic resource.

Commitments to the ACGA General Endowment may be made in the form of:

  • outright gifts
  • multi-year pledges
  • donations of securities
  • distributions from IRAs or retirement accounts
  • grants from foundations or donor-advised funds
  • donations of speaking fees/royalties

The ACGA General Endowment will supplement existing activities and services by:

  • enhancing active participation in legislative and regulatory processes pertaining to charitable gift annuities;
  • promoting institutional, professional and donor awareness of the services of the ACGA as a valuable tool for the long term financial and charitable benefit of all parties;
  • recruiting and training of planned giving professionals in the use of charitable gift annuities to secure the future of donors and charitable institutions;
  • and providing outreach to senior leadership and investment professionals within charitable organizations to encourage sound administrative and investment policies within those organizations.

Gifts may be made in honor of or in memory of an individual or in tribute to current or former directors of the ACGA.

An Agenda for the Future

Looking forward to the decade ahead, the ACGA seeks to do even more by:

  • expanding its reach across the nonprofit community in the United States
  • partnering on key initiatives in the philanthropic community
  • co-sponsoring research endeavors with allied organizations
  • encouraging increased consumer awareness
  • increasing the expertise and ethical practices of those engaged in nonprofit fundraising and partners in the for-profit sector
  • sharing its knowledge base with charitable planners outside of the United States

As a voluntary association, the ACGA relies on the annual dues of its members for its operating budget. In order to secure its future and concurrently embark on new initiatives, the ACGA seeks to build an endowment fund.

Why Give to the ACGA General Endowment?

If the ACGA’s services have been valuable to you,
if your career has involved charitable gift planning,
if you have benefited from participation in the professional community
we invite you to support this campaign.

Your gift to the ACGA General Endowment will have an immediate impact in securing the financial footing to launch the AGCA into its second century. Your commitment will also be a meaningful legacy and impact the men and women who follow in your footsteps.