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Thank you to our current partners for your essential support. We couldn't do it without you.

Do you believe deeply in the meaningful volunteer work that the ACGA has been doing for your nonprofit for nearly 100 years? Would you like the opportunity to be an important supporter of the preeminent and original organization trusted to be the final word on gift annuities? 

Partnering with the ACGA means that you are partnered with the only organization in the gift planning community that suggests maximum charitable gift annuity rates, monitors state regulations as they pertain to charitable gift annuities, and provides education on charitable gift annuities as well as broader gift planning. We work to provide meaningful recognition to our partners, added visibility, innovative ways to showcase your expertise, and special access benefits. 

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The ACGA relies on the support of organizations like yours to continue our work fostering the success of charitable gift annuity programs at charities nationwide. We advocate for you while we promote philanthropy, helping to ensure benefits for both nonprofits and their donors.

With the help of our partners and members, we plan to expand our services in the near future by:

  • Expanding our reach across the nonprofit community in the United States
  • Partnering on key initiatives in the philanthropic community
  • Co-sponsoring research endeavors with allied organizations
  • Encouraging increased consumer awareness
  • Increasing the expertise and ethical practices of those engaged in nonprofit fundraising and partners in the for-profit sector
  • Sharing our knowledge base with charitable planners outside of the United States.
The ACGA is pleased to share our partnership opportunities for 2023-24. Our goal over the last several years has been to provide meaningful recognition and benefits for our partner organizations while also highlighting the most important work of ACGA – our role as the only nationally trusted provider of charitable gift annuity rates, our education programs for fundraising, marketing and gift administration, and our desire to connect charitable organizations with the partners who can help them realize their best gifts.

Thank you again to our current partners for their support of our work year-round! If you are interested in a partnership with the ACGA, click here to view our partner packet.

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